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51, Canada

Member since: 13 Jun 2008
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My name is Jennifer Douglas 43 years old female resident & working in Montreal district of Quebec, at omni Mont Royal Quebec lodge, at management section.
I have hubby like every other human being, but it may be far from what people suggest as hubby, for instance some times thing that moved me is not things I lean or gossip I heard from people, but the creativeness I make by my self through the help of almighty such as, thinking how to save people out of their predicament and by grace of God the solution to do that may comes out.
Another of my hubby is to be in among the great people either men or female who’s by their thought, behavior and action move the affliction will restore to health and a confuse person will get his way right. Although there is four types of people on earth which follow exist their life in this way, but before mention the way this is the categories of the people I am talking about.
The first among the three types of people are: Those that wonder how things happen, but they will not like to make move for the goodness to reach them.
Second peoples are: those that use to watch at thing happening but they swear to die ignorant instead to teach their memories how to change their life to better one.
The third people are: those that make things happening and still leaning more to add on their loaded knowledge for more and best result of creativeness of others people not only for self benefit.
Fourth people are: those who live their life as job in the Christians bible who use to said, when the glory of God is with him but he still alive and for get that is the same God glory sustain him to live, instead to be thinking how to recover and become the man he is he persist to complain how reach he is before and now nothing remain yes nothing remain but with but with heart to believe in change thing must change, so when ever you meet opportunity join it and believe success and you will see it but if you are investing and thinking of failure I assured you that you must fail.
But for me I belong to categories of those that makes thing happen, leaving to seaside is good but not adequate to evaluate with gratification generate by your self, going to catering spaces also good and having fun, but not to compare with adequate of mind peace, however working with understanding generate superior happiness in life, any way my people call me emotion but I choose a name destine, since I'm destine to produce good thing that favors life to change, I will stop here till I receive your mail.
I wish success to any one that needs it.

Birthday: 04 Oct
Here For: Friendship, Active Partner, Email Buddy, Dating, Serious Relationship,
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Relationship Status: Prefer not to say
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