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Health, Fitness & Wellness Club

38 Clubs Found Under Health, Fitness & Wellness Club.
Beauty Tips & Grooming

Beauty Tips & Grooming [1]
Beauty Tips. Find quality information on natural beauty tips, homemade beauty tips, nail care, indian beauty tips, beauty make up tips, eyebrows, makeup beauty tips and more....

Created By : beauty33 on 17 Dec 2008 02:15 pm , Last Updated on 23 Dec 2008 12:41 pm

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus [1]
Diabetes mellitu often referred to simply as diabetes is a syndrome characterized by disordered metabolism and abnormally high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) resulting from insufficient levels of the hormone insulin....

Created By : Palak on 16 Jun 2008 03:22 pm , Last Updated on 16 Jun 2008 03:22 pm


Yoga [12]
Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices designed for the purpose of cultivating a steady mind. It originated in India. Yoga has been defined as "technologies or disciplines of asceticism and meditation which are thought to lead to spiritual expe...

Created By : Palak on 16 Jun 2008 03:18 pm , Last Updated on 16 Jun 2008 03:18 pm

Mental disorder

Mental disorder [1]
Mental disorder or mental illness are terms used to refer to a psychological or physiological pattern that occurs in an individual and is usually associated with distress or disability that is not expected as part of normal development or culture....

Created By : Palak on 16 Jun 2008 03:15 pm , Last Updated on 16 Jun 2008 03:15 pm

Food safety

Food safety [1]
Food safety is a scientific discipline describing the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. Food can transm...

Created By : shruti on 07 Jun 2008 01:41 pm , Last Updated on 07 Jun 2008 01:41 pm

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